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Not only will Supreme Deck Build you a fabulous deck. We also provide full service deck maintenance!

  • Wood Deck Staining & Sealing
  • Deck Building & Construction
  • Wood Deck Water Proofing
  • Wood Deck Restoration
  • Wood Deck Refinishing
  • Wood Deck Maintenance
  • Wood Deck Cleaning & Stripping
  • Wood Deck Repairs
  • Power Washing – Composite Decks
  • Pressure Washing Trex Decks


Harsh winters and hot, humid summers in Michigan can do a lot of damage to deck surfaces – but it’s not always necessary to replace your entire deck.

We offer complete resurfacing solutions including:

  • Inspection of the frame and structure to make sure it’s solid and safe to re-use
  • Consultation to determine your material options (vinyl, wood, or low-maintenance Trex®), along with any deck lighting, pergolas, benches or privacy screens you’d like to add
  • Removal of all existing decking
  • Installation of your new, beautiful deck with a design that you already know and love

Arbors, Pergolas, covered decks, Gazebos, Outdoor living areas

Arbors and pergolas are great shade solutions for areas that get hit with direct sunlight. They are generally characterized by the supporting columns or posts alongside paths, walkways, or recreation areas, with rafters spanning overhead that allow sunlight to filter through while maintaining an unobstructed overhead view. Arbors and pergolas can be free-standing or can serve as a shade structure attached to the house. They can also be used as a transition from one section of outdoor living to another. Smaller arbors and pergolas are often used along paths to add drama to the landscaping. Plants and ivy can be trained to grow up and over the pergola or arbor, providing additional shade and décor.

Deck Lighting

We find that most of our clients spend time on their decks in the evening, when the day’s work is done and it’s finally time to relax. Deck and landscape lights help extend that longed-for enjoyment time. When dusk arrives and the deck lights up, the atmosphere kicks up a notch with the right lighting in place. A low-voltage lighting system prolongs the time you spend outside by illuminating potential tripping hazards, adding character to your deck space, and creating a visual sense of warmth and excitement – even when viewed from the inside!

Build in the fall and save money!

One of the primary concerns our customers express against fall construction is the effect the weather will have on a new deck and the materials used on the project. We always assure them that the materials are manufactured for this very purpose. Treated lumber, along with composite materials, are conditioned and fabricated to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, moisture and humidity, and rainy and dry seasons. 

The transition from summer into autumn is actually an ideal time to begin building your deck. Here’s why: 

1. Shorter wait time

Spring tends to be the busiest season for deck construction. Homeowners are excited to finally end their hibernation indoors and start living outside again. The cold weather yields to the warmer, and everyone starts thinking the same thing – “Let’s move our lives outdoors again!” Our phones at the office start ringing off the hook, which is a wonderful problem to have, but this often results in longer wait times for our customers. The lead time tends to be longer as the schedule fills up quickly. 

In the fall, most homeowners are mentally shifting gears to start spending time indoors once again. One advantage to building your deck in the fall is that you will have your project completed a lot sooner than in the spring or summer. There is a shorter wait time for each project. Plus, once winter passes, your deck will be ready to be used as soon as the first warm spring day arrives. Instead of beginning the project at this point, it’ll already be completed and you’ll be able to focus on landscaping and furnishing your new outdoor area. 

2. Ground conditions 

Another advantage to fall deck construction is that the ground and conditions are more favorable to yards and landscaping. When dealing with the elements, the effects of the entire construction process are often unpredictable as to how much disruption will occur to existing landscaping and turf. Although we always try to be as minimally invasive as possible throughout our construction process, heavier rains lead to muddier soil and turf. Fall weather is typically much drier, and plants and grass tend to be more resilient to a bit of disruption in the fall.

3. Late season specials 

Whether you’re building your own deck or hiring a contractor, you can save some money by building in the fall. Contractors are usually more willing to negotiate on pricing, and it’s not uncommon to find sales on lumber and building materials at this time.

4. Fall weather

Another reason fall is a great time to build is simply because the weather is gorgeous. The cooler, crisp weather is the perfect time to gather around a fire pit on a deck with friends. The comfortable range of temperatures from fifty to seventy-five allows for ample outdoor time. In comparison to the heat of summer and the wetness and rain associated with spring, fall is perfect for outdoor enjoyment. Many of our customers enjoy this time of year to host their gatherings and barbecues. 

There are so many reasons why fall is a favorite season for deck construction. From pricing, to weather conditions, to building process, to having your outdoor area ready to go in the spring … the possibilities are endless.

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