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Why you need to get a deck permit in Michigan

Overall, Michigan homeowners are surprised when they are told they need to get a permit in order to build a deck. It may seem like kind of a hassle,  however it is well worth the small investment of time and money to ensure your deck is built up to code standards and is in compliance with local regulations.

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Overall when you build a deck without a permit can get you into some serious trouble. Some people find out the hard way by having to pay a hefty fine, tearing down their brand new deck, or having someone get hurt because of faulty construction.  Decks built without a permit can come back to haunt you when it is time to sell your house.  Contractors can lose their licenses if they build without permits.  Generally, the best option is to work within the rules and get a permit.  In most cases, the inspectors are very helpful and willing to work with you to make sure you end up with a great deck that meets all the code  

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Generally, decks that are under 30″ and under 200 sq ft do not need a permit. Decks that are below 30-inches above grade need a permit. The most recent edition of the International Residential Code exempts decks from permit when they are below the 200 sq ft. Considering those criteria…most decks will require permits.

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 Composite, Trex, and capped composite decks

Composite and PVC decks are the latest” low maintenance” deck trend. We feel wood decks in Michigan are still the time tested best value for deck. Many people that have had an unlicensed contractor install a composite deck will tell you that they have issues with mold, hidden fasteners, miters, or warping of their composite deck.  To get the 25 year Trex warranty you need to hire a certified TrexPro installer.  Do your research before installing a composite deck and make sure you hire a Trex certified contractor.  Supreme Deck is one of Michigan’s largest installer of Trex decks and certified as a TrexPro Platinum installer.  Understand, that there are many materials to choose from and each material must be installed to the manufactures specifications or you will have problems with the products. The gaping, joist spacing and type of fasteners used on a composite deck need to be to manufactures specifications or you may encounter problems. If installed right,  Trex decks with a PVC wrap such as Transcends, Enhance,  and Select hold up the best to Michigan weather. Certain composite materials will require cleaning a couple of times a year to make it look good again. (Good—not, “Like New”).

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Our Deck Cleaning division services hundreds of composite Trex decks each year. If you install a composite, Trex, or PVC deck just remember you will still have to clean it. Ipe or Mahogany will likely have a durability of 40 years if sealed or oiled yearly. A wood deck can be refinished every few years to look like new again and be able to replace rotted boards to match. You can’t refinish a composite deck—you simply replace it. Composite and PVC decks typically run 2-3x for materials more than a wood deck. The maintenance costs are built into the price, so you pay the maintenance up front. By deciding to go with a synthetic deck we feel that Azek, Trex Transcends Tropicals, Timbertech, or other PVC decks are the best choice. If you invest the money in a composite deck, it is best to go with Timbertech, Trex Transcends, Fiberon decking, or similar  PVC  type of decking  material in Southeast Michigan.  Supreme Deck is a certified Trex, Timbertech and Fiberon decking contractor for Michigan.

Supreme Deck Builders is a TrexPro Platinum installer for Michigan.

TrexPro® Platinum contractors have achieved advanced product and installation training and make up a select group of talented and dedicated professionals experienced with using Trex products to craft the deck of your dreams.


Trex warranty 25 year capped-composite deck builds

Trex products are backed by a 25-year limited warranty. The Trex 25-year limited residential warranty offers coverage against material defects in workmanship and materials, and against splintering, splitting, checking, rot, decay and termite damage.

 A Michigan deck builder that’s serious about delivering superior results to every one of their developing the concept to designing the deck all the way through construction and all of the detail work.  Supreme Deck has everything that it takes to deliver the right outdoor composite Michigan wood deck for you. You’re sure to see that we’re dedicated to developing a great new space that really brings you together with your family or friends in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. As a top of the line Michigan deck builder, we feel that your deck should help to increase the value of your house and your appreciation of the time that you spend at home. When building your deck, we work hard to keep your plans and ideas at the center of everything that we do so that you can rest easy knowing that you’ll end up with exactly the kind of deck that you’ve been hoping for. You can relax knowing that through great communication and a dedication to your needs, you’ll be totally satisfied with your deck and thrilled with the way it compliments your home.

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